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Security System: Definition

Security stands to detect, prevent, and protect any harm or risk in our daily living and our valuables. A lot of security system emerges because of the threats and changes in our surroundings. One example is the Home Security System.

A security system is identified as any electronics that monitors, alarms, perform surveillance, recording, and maintaining protection against threats. It operates with electrical and mechanical gear. The type of security system is determined based on the area to be protected and the kind of protection needed against its threats.

Introducing: Home Security System

Home Security system definition is found in its name. It is literally a system or process which protects home through interworking segments and devices. It is composed of a control panel, door and window sensors, motion sensors, a high decibel alarm, wired wireless cameras, and a yard sign and window stickers.

Types of Home Security System

Manual Testing

1. Monitored Security System

Monitored Security System is real-time monitoring which detects a break-in, any malicious doings, fire, or other emergencies and quickly notifies the security owner. One of the advantages of this security is considered the most secure and comprehensive tool for security.

Automated Testing

2. Unmonitored/Self-monitored Security System

Unmonitored Security System consists of devices that only activates an alarm if something is amiss but that doesn't send a message right away. The reason why people choose this security system is to less cost and easy to install.

Automated Testing

3. Wireless Security System

Wireless security is the latest trend in home security on your mobile devices. Access to your home security system remotely is one of the foundations of a true smart home.

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